So you want to know why you should gamble with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin instead of using regular fiat currency like for example US dollar, Euro or Yen? Well, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency gambling websites offer you a few advantages over regular gambling websites which only support fiat currency:

  1. Increased privacy
    There is no need to provide the cryptocurrency gambling website all your personal details. In most
    cases cryptocurrency gambling websites only require an email address to register, deposit, play and
    withdraw. This increases your privacy compared to the regular gambling sites which require all sorts of personal details.
  2. Fast deposits and withdrawals
    Deposits and withdrawals to and from cryptocurrency gambling websites are done via the Blockchain. This ensures deposits and withdrawals are processed (almost) instantly and much quicker compared to other available deposit methods.
  3. Worldwide access
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be bought from anywhere in the world and cryptocurrency gambling sites do not restrict citizens from certain countries to register and play. (Yes, US citizens can register and play as well!)
  4. Higher limits
    The value of Bitcoin and other altcoins increases almost every day and cryptocurrency bookmakers provide higher limits compared to other sportsbooks. This enables you to bet the exact amount you want. It no longer matters if you like to play with pennies or the Bitcoin equivalent of a couple thousand dollars.