Gamblers in sports might not be avid sports fans themselves – quite a bit of people are just in it for the money and are hence less resourceful than most when it comes to finding ways to catch the game live. Sure, checking the scores online after the game is over tells you whether you’ve won or lost, but this takes the fun out of sports gambling.

Also, once live sports continue after the current Corona pandemic it might well be in stadiums without fans. Here, we share with you the easy and cheap ways to stream sports online without a cable, so every gambler – sports fan or not, can catch the games live and make the most of their betting experience.

Best streaming services

  1. Hulu
    The Hulu television network, besides TV shows and movies, offers the streaming of live sports at affordable subscription costs. You can also record live games from professional and amateur leagues. The live sports are available on the sports channels included on Hulu. The Hulu platform is accessible through an Android and iOS app, besides web browsers.
  2. Facebook Watch
    Facebook, towards the end of 2017, introduced a streaming feature where sports fans can enjoy watching all live actions. Although most Facebook users missed the launching of the service, it quickly gained usage over the next couple of months after its debut. The service, aside from Android and iOS, is also compatible with a variety of
    other devices like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Watching Major League Baseball games is free but limited. You can also view other videos and TV shows through Watch.
  3. Reddit sources
    Reddit is a social network where users from all around the world can take part in discussions on a wide array of topics. Such topics include sports where fans can find links to stream their favorite games. Although most sources on Reddit might not be official, you can easily enjoy live streaming for free. With the up-vote and down-vote
    features, you can choose sites based on the number of Reddit users who have voted.

Streaming tools you need

To further improve your streaming experience there are also some tools you should use.


A VPN comes in handy when a live sport is available to stream from specific regions. Download a VPN to encrypt all your personal information, including your real location. You can set your location as that of the live event or even somewhere nearby. Through a secure VPN, you can access any content at any particular time since your original IP address is not visible. Also, VPNs protect your privacy, especially when you are using
unpopular websites to stream.

On top of that, a VPN also provides a faster connection to the Internet since it has various servers that don’t have lots of traffic. Hence, you experience a quick loading time during the streaming. All you have to do is download a VPN that supports several server locations.

Reliable web browser

You need a reliable Internet browser for several reasons. First, you get enhanced security since some browsers detect insecure websites. Also, the browser remembers all the sites you frequently visit and personalizes your experience in each of them.

You need multiple web browsers so that when you experience buffering problems, you switch to another browser. You can prioritize using the best browser you have to stream sports and save the others for different activities.


You might experience pop-up ads when watching sports on streaming websites. Most of these sites use advertisements as a way of generating income for themselves. Unlike popular streaming services that have various guaranteed income sources, smaller sites rely on showing ads to run their services.

With an ad blocker like AdGuard, you can block such ads when using a web browser. Some browsers, such as Opera offer ad-blocking features to users.


With proper tools for streaming purposes, you can avoid many problems encountered when cheering your beloved team and players online. Most of them are free to use. Only a few require a subscription to unlock more features.