BetChain Oktoberfest promotion

BetChain Oktoberfest promotion

Pick Your Favorite Bavarian Beer And Celebrate Oktoberfest With BetChain!

Join the biggest Volksfest in the world together with BetChain, and enjoy all the beer you can drink, the special attractions, the food, the spins and of course, all those amazing wins! It is time to take a tour through this amazing German tradition starting on September 22nd and culminating on October 7th. This festival is all about the uniqueness of German culture and the BetChain staff is adding a little something to the mix that will make your head spin harder after you down pint after pint of premium Bavarian liquid gold.

BetChain’s Oktoberfest Bonus!

This bonus brings you the best of Oktoberfest right to your screen and adds a ton of excitement no matter where you choose to celebrate this wonderful cultural event. So, pour one of those specialty beers and enjoy the following during Oktoberfest: with every deposit you make from September 22nd until October 7th you will receive 15% extra cash to play with from BetChain! With all that money you will get on the house, you can have as much beer as you want and more when you score those huge wins! Go ahead, take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Join the biggest Volksfest in the world with BetChain, try your favorite specialty beer, get a 15% bonus on every single deposit you make during Oktoberfest, and show the world how it feels like to score all those huge wins on the house. The staff at BetChain is waiting for you to join the party and hit those jackpots, so, raise that glass and shout at the top of your lungs “Eins, zwei, drei, zaufen!”


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