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With the development of online gambling, the bettors’ demands are changing. It’s no longer sufficient for a gambling platform to only provide an opportunity to bet, you need to provide much more. That’s why more and more gambling companies are trying to adopt new advanced features to respond to the demands of the most experienced gamblers as well as the newcomers.

Advanced features have no certain path of development as each gambling platform brings its own features, but a lot of betting websites have improved extremely in recent years.

Let’s observe some advanced features brought into cryptocurrency gambling over the past few years.

Live TV sports streaming

Live streams rapidly gained popularity among bettors as it’s really convenient to watch live streams of horse racing, football and basketball matches for free and place bets simultaneously at one place. This feature is provided by the majority of well-known sportsbooks and highly appreciated by sports fans around the world.

Multicurrency account

While Bitcoin still is the most popular cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals, betting providers have also added a variety of cryptocurrencies like Dash, Monero, Ripple, Tron and others to expand their payment methods and to make betting easier as never before.

Some up-to-date gambling sites, for example 1xBit, moved further and provide multicurrency accounts. It means that a user can add several cryptocurrencies into one account and continue to bet easily.

Bet insurance

Another impressive and rather useful feature is a bet insurance. Every bettor has a fear of fails and losses and insurance is the best way out of these worries. Of course, it is a paid offer, but it guarantees a refund of the insured part of the bet in case of a loss. But a bettor should bear in mind that each gambling provider has its own insurance terms, for example, some companies mention that the insurance cost depends on the current odds of the event.

One-click registration

To speed up the process of registration and betting, most of the sporstsbook and casino sites provides a One-Click registration option. This method requires no personal data such as ID or passport to register a new user, supplying a unique account number and password. Nevertheless, to withdraw the funds, the user should provide personal data, the only exception is cryptogambling services such as 1xBit, who require no personal data at all.

Advance bet

A loyalty system to encourage the regular users is widely supported by numerous gambling platforms. For example, an attractive opportunity of providing an extra amount of currency in advance if the user has a lack of funds to place a bet is available on different gambling services.

Now you are staying on the top of all advanced features of crypto gambling websites and the final point to do is just to try them all!


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