Didn’t feel like following the news about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? Below, just like last week, we have listed the main points for you.

Last Monday the price of bitcoin (BTC) was at $10,060. After the price recovered somewhat later that day, the price continued to fall. On Tuesday morning bitcoin was worth about $10,280 according to CoinMarketCap. In the evening, the most dominant cryptocurrency fell through the psychological limit of $10,000. On both Wednesdays and Thursdays, bitcoin traded around $10,000, with the price rising above but also falling below it. On Friday, bitcoin finally managed to rise again. As a result the price broke the resistance at $10.400 and for a while it seemed that the resistance at $10.500 would also be broken. However, the price fell back, just below $10,400. During the weekend bitcoin continued to trade mainly sideways. On Monday a breakout pattern was formed and around 13:00 hours bitcoin broke out. The price fell at a good pace of $10,300 towards the $10,000. Support was eventually found around $10,100. At this moment bitcoin is worth $10,249 on CoinMarketCap and the first resistance is at $10,300.

The French Minister of Finance, Le Maire, has indicated that no tax will be levied on cryptocurrency transactions where only cryptocurrencies are used. Tax will only be levied after the conversion to fiat. On the same occasion, Le Maire announced that he could not support Facebooks Libra. During another meeting with finance ministers from other EU countries, Le Maire insisted on regulation of cryptocurrencies at European level. Insisting on the use of an overarching regulatory framework would include the fight against the Libra. Germany would also work on a strategy prohibiting the Libra. Yesterday the European Central Bank (ECB) and 25 other central banks met representatives of Libra. The outcome of the meeting is still unknown.

The American platform of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Binance.US, opens the doors for registration tomorrow. In the run-up to the launch of the exchange, Binance.US will accept deposits in six different altcoins.

BitPay, the world’s largest blockchain payment service for both bitcoin and bitcoin cash (BCH), will now also accept ethereum (ETH). BitPay customers will also be able to keep ETH in their BitPay wallet.

The Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has informed CNBC that we are approaching the launch of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), but that there are still important issues regarding the security and preservation of digital currencies.

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